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Pragmaticrigorousinnovativeefficient is our corporate genes

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We are strict with each product before sending out, to keep the customer satisfied with us is the key to our business.

Great Support

We provide 24/7 customer support in different channels like Facebook live chat, Facebook groups, official web forum and support emails.

Enjoy the process

Not only the controller board but also our CHITUBOX slicer, you will enjoy the feeling every time you find out a new function or fix an issue.


We have over 300,000+ boards users and 200,000+ CHITUBOX registers for now.


We keep working on the feedbacks and bugs to upgrade version.


Our products support most operation system.

and more...

We provide controller boards and almost useful 3d accessories for 3d printers … read more

We're not only provide FDMDLPLCDSLA for 3d printers, CNCs, and Laser engraving

Over 300,000 customers worldwide use ChiTu boards and CHITUBOX. Meet our partners.

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