ChiTu F Plus D407

ARM STM32 with 256 subdivision and ultra silent drivers TMC2209

Microprocessor STM32 F407

High-Performance 32-bit Master chip, 180MHz Ultra High Frequency

M4 core & TMC2208 motor driver chip, with perfect detail performance.

Multisize Full Color Touch Screen Supported

support multiple language switching (currently 14), and support industrial 10inch screen with preview function.

External Drivers

Support external stepper motor for large format machine, and also allow high current.

Multi Data Interface For Option

The ChiTu F Plus D suppory USB, U disk and net port.

ChuTu F Plus D407 Knowledgebase

We have set up the knowledgebase to help you learning better


Download User Manual

To learn more detail about ChiTu F Plus D407, please download the user manual here

ChiTu F Plus D407 User Manual

Expandable module



  • Microprocessor
  • Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Input Voltage
  • Size
  • Stepper Drivers Interface
  • Temperature Sensor Interface

  • Mosfet Interface

  • Data Interface
  • Operation Touch Screen Supported
  • File Format Supported
  • Machine Structure Supported
  • Recommend Software
  • ARM STM32 F407 (168MHz)
  • External Microstep Driver
  • 12~24V  5~15A
  • 160*105mm(144*92mm internal)
  • 7 total; X, Y, Z1,Z2, E1, E2, external 1
  • 5 total;3 paths of 100K NTC and 2 paths of MAX6675
  • 8 total;3 fans, 2 nozzles, 1 LED, 1 heatbed, 1 power supply
  • USB, U disk, external USB port. Net port
  • 2.8” /3.5″/4.3″/5.0″/7.0″/10.1″
  • Gcode
  • XYZ/Ultimaker/Hbot/Delta/Kossel/CoreXY
  • Cura/Simplify3d/Repetier-host/Prusa

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